Beyond the Humpback Collection

A collection in development. Examining the initial stage of  first stepping away from home and the cause and effect of modern Irish society on this phase

Within an Hour

Within an hour, you’ll be there,

in a town on a cross and a derelict air,

from Monday to Friday there’s no one here,

just some children in someone else’s care.


The rush, the panic in tandem with the houses,

stacked back to back, between postage stamp grasses,

concrete walls  and garden umbrellas,

with only their shadows existing in present.


On Saturday the gallop begins,

drive your tesla T to Aldi,

to buy 39 cent bean tins,

for your detached 5 year old identical twins.


Bring them to the standard park,

let them slide down the same slide, fall into the same tree bark,

walk the same monotonous 5 streets,

this existence was never imagined by Keats.


Tied down to car and seat,

life in motion, but only in combustion repeat,

recycled mornings and mirror views,

disconnection through affordable pews.


Trudge through lifeless moments,

not knowing the thousands within your weekend circumference,

live as a tribe an hour away,

isolated in the safety of societal grey.