An Dorchshaol Collection

A new collection, starting to examine incidents during the Famine and their overall affects on the Irish psyche. A juxtaposition of the 1840's and Ireland in the present.

Starlings of the West

A murmuration of four thousand,

slip down from a cold breast,

plucked from an empty nest,

no worms, just matted straw,

starving from the rot,

wings clipped by amateur ornithologists,

goaded into the prevailing winds,

driven southwards by Lady Kenneway,

Pemberton and Eliza Caroline,

new fields await. dry, parched,

but not always dead,

enough to offer hope of sustenance,

through severance,

how to get ashore,

beyond the beleaguered cage,

to populate gardens and terraces,

pick in farmers ruts,

watch their brown reflections,

laid bare on fine bone china.